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SAAME's Values

We believe in:


We respect equally our fellow employees, customers, suppliers and the consumers who purchase our products.

We respect the contribution made by each of our fellow employees.

We respect the comments from our fellow employees, we believe communication begins with listening.


We are honest and frank in our dealings with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We undertake business within an ethical structure, always striving to do what is right.


Quality is the foundation of our business and the signature of our products, packaging, merchandising and customer service.

Quality is reflected in the ability of our employees and the performance of our company.


Innovation begins with the mind. We encourage creative thinking and welcome change.

We encourage our fellow employees to identify and assess opportunities and risks, and to take new approaches.

Spirited Teamwork

We support Teamwork Spirit, it is most important in achieving targets and successes.

We support a collaborative work environment which encourages fresh thinking and shared knowledge.

We believe that the more harmonious the team is, the better the results will be.

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