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Cutting Tools Testings

SIMEX Testing Service is your primary partner for solving uncertainties when purchasing from China.


SIMEX testing service, a professional Testing facility, was set up by SAAME in early 2006, with technical support from the World famous Cutting Tool manufacturer SOMTA Tools, As an independent third-party inspection company, SIMEX Testing Service has more than 16 well trained, reliable and experienced inspecors for the inspection of a wide product range, especially Cutting Tools, Hand Tools and Power tools.

In the last 3 years more than a hundred of Importers all over the world benefited from our services. 



Geometry Dimension Cheeking


View of the Lab

Final Shipment Inspection 

To be carried out when production is finished and at least 80% of products are packed and ready for export from the factory or warehouse. Samples are selected at random according to AQL sampling standards and procedures, to ensure that finished goods conform to your specifications.


Final Inspection


In-process Inspection

Container Loading Supervision

Monitoring the loading process, verifying product quantity, container condition, ensuring the proper handling of your shipments.


To be performed when around 30% of an order has been completed. It can uncover problems during actual production and ensure that contractual obligations are being met. It also helps you determine whether the production process is on schedule.


Material Chemical Component Ansysis

First Sample Inspection

Inspection of initial production samples is prior to mass production, or at the beginning of mass production, to ensure that product specifications are being met. Care at this stage avoids unnecessary re engineering delays and costs.


SIMEX Testing Service takes great pride in our high standard of quality control with high tech testing equipment & experienced engineers and inspectors.

SIMEX Testing Service takes great pride in our high standard of quality control with high tech testing equipment & experienced engineers and inspectors.

Our Priority is always providing you with quality tools where our customer's success is the measure of our success.

We use state of the art inspection equipment to inspect our tools to insure you getting tools made

from the correct material with consistent high quality every time.

SIMEX TESTING SERVICE generally checking the following criteria


General Inspection includes:

Quantity status;

Product Appearance;

Performance & Function tests;


Logo Marking;

Size & Measurements;



Carton Status;

Barcode Scan Test;

Packing & Marking;

Shipping marks;

Factory evaluating;

Container Loading supervision.


Special Criteria:

Material Chemical Component Analysis;

Metallographic Analysis;

Hardness Test;

Geometry Dimension Checking;

Cutting Performance Test.


Besides the above aspects, we carry out tailor-made inspection programaccording to your criteria.



1.Effective Diameter Checking

2.Runout  Checking

3.Test Piece Embedding

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